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Part of what we've been doing, since winter seems to finally be leaving, is gardening. It's something that Eric and I love to do. Growing your own food is super rewarding and it just tastes better than store bought.
Spent all afternoon clearing out the stumps and vines. Serious square foot gardening is about to happen.....
Before Caleigh was born, at our old house, we had a huge conventional garden. It had an area for compost and rows of fresh goodies. It also had a lot of up keep. Did I mention it was huge? The weeds alone were work enough. 

After Caleigh was born, and we spent two years in the hospital, the garden and all the hard work we had put into it was just a tall pile of weeds. We just let it go at that point.
Garden prep
So after three years in our new home we decided to give it a try again. This time we went with a smaller version. This particular type is called Square Foot Gardening. Basically you plant in boxes with a specific mixture of dirt. No weeds.

Our house is in an older neighborhood so sunlight is hard to come by. The large beautiful trees give our yard a lot of shade. The only area we had was by our driveway on the west side of our house. 
Garden prep
 So we cleaned out shrubs, vines and weeds. Bought the dirt combination and started mixing. 
Garden prep
 After the boxes were built and the dirt was spread out between them we took a few days off because winter decided to return. 
Cut the wood. Now to put the boxes together.
Eric cut and installed the square foot grids for the top of the boxes. The only thing to do at that point was to shop for seeds and transplants.
Gardening with the last bit of daylight. Transplants are in. Seeds are next.
We planned and then planted them out. We planted several different types of lettuce, radishes, tomotoes, pole beans, squash, zuccini, strawberries, tons of different pepper plants, eggplant, swiss chard, kohlrabi, okra, beets, carrots, and cucumbers.

Winter returned with two nights of freezing temperatures. Eric made sure everything was covered. We only lost the pole bean transplant to the freeze.

Water. Sun. H2O. Sunshine.

Voila! Tiny baby plants are starting to appear.
The garden project isn't quite done yet. We have plans to paint the reclaimed wood that the boxes were made of. We will also be building a vertical grid against the bricks so that the climbing plants have a place to go. There are also plans for a portable herb box that we can bring inside during the winter.

Caleigh has enjoyed the whole process of building and growing. We go outside to water the plants and check on how things are doing. I also have plans for us to paint and decorate vegetable marker sticks this coming week.

I think the size of our garden is perfect for our family. It's doable and there really is so much to learn from growing your own food.
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