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Leckey Mygo Stander

Holly D Gray3 Comments
This last fall it came time to order Caleigh a new stander. The pink Leckey Squiggles stander was the first piece of adaptive equipment that we got for her back in 2009. 
Here's an obligatory photo of our little girl in her stander oh so many years ago. I still want to pinch those chubby cheeks every single day. 
The squiggles stander was always awesome for us. We never had any problems.  We only had a few major growth spurt adjustments, but mostly I was able to do the daily adjustments that needed to happen. So when we went to order a larger size we went with the same company.

The Leckey Mygo Stander is the big brother of the Squiggles. Basically the same stander except rougher, tougher and a lot heavier. The straps are a little different, but generally easy peasy to adjust. The up and down mechanism is different. The Squiggles has a pumping type and the Mygo has a spring lever.
APRstander3 I went to put Caleigh in the stander this afternoon for a photo and the spring lever broke off. Hmm.... not happy. So while I'm waiting ages to get that fixed through our DME; here's another adorable photo of baby Caleigh in the Squiggles.....
JUNEpaint3 The Mygo takes up more room. It's heavier to roll around the house and the tubing is a lot bigger. This will be Caleigh's stander as long as it's still functioning. The age range is 5-14. That's a long time and eventually a big kid. So all the beefing up of this version is for a reason.
Shhhhh....don't tell Caleigh, but I chose orange instead of green. I know, I know she loves the color green BUT I feel a little over greened lately. She loves the stander no matter the color anyways.
I would say 5 out of 7 days a week she is in the stander for over an hour. Sometimes more. We don't use the head rest anymore so they aren't pictured. In the photos, the Squiggles is in the tallest and biggest position and the Mygo is in the smallest position.
APRstander4 Eventually, we will be donating the well used pink stander. I'll have to wash all the pads. As you can tell I haven't gotten around to that.

The stander is one of the most useful pieces of equipment we have. The upright position and the tray are great. I'm not gonna lie it's a pain to put on AFOs, get her all strapped in, and then realize she needs to go potty or needs a diaper change. I'm pretty much a pro at this point though. Imagine pit stop crews...yeah, that's me.
Our big girl in her big girl stander. She was helping decorate scrapbook paper for me last week. 

So there you go. If you have any stander questions feel free to ask away!
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