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Lessons from an Octopus

Holly D Gray1 Comment
This time last week I was on a quest to make an amigurumi crochet animal for Caleigh. We sat down with her iPad, the Pinterest app and we began scrolling through all the choices. Name a yarn animal, and it exists. So when Caleigh picked out the Octopus I was pleased to find out that it wasn't too difficult of a pattern to complete. I ended up going with a variation of this pattern here.
APRoctopus4 APRoctopus5
I asked her what color she wanted her Octopus to be and not shockingly at all she wanted a green one. Caleigh continues her love with the color green.....
Once I started, I got pretty excited about how quick it was working up. I eventually realized that I was using a hook that was about 4 sizes too big. Oh well, maybe next time? I seriously finished Mr. Octopus in about 3 days. I was super stoked.
Caleigh loves him. She sleeps with. He has gone on car rides.
We named him Ollie the Octopus. His tentacles are the perfect size for Caleigh to grip and she does a great job of it.
Our days since Ollie's birth have consisted of YouTube Octopus videos, cephalopod talk and a trip to the library to wipe out all the non-fiction books on Octopuses.
The only thing left to do is show her a real octopus and now it's definitely on my list of stuff to show Caleigh. 
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