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Swing and Sway of Short Bowel

Holly D Gray2 Comments
This past weekend Caleigh had a stomach virus. The pattern is always the same and it happens every couple of months.

3 days of tight, over the top tone issues.
Followed by 3 days of vomiting and sleep disruption.
Add in 4 days of increasingly liquid stools.
Eventually there is 2 days of me worrying that something more is going on.
1 full day of waiting for the GI doctor to call me back.
We fill a prescription for bacterial overgrowth with plans to start it the next morning.
The next day Caleigh feels fine.
No meds needed.
Back to normal.

A wimpy 24 hr stomach bug takes a good 5 days to get out of her system.
That's just how it is.
Any resemblance of a stomach issue really causes my mind to hit the panic button though. We're trotting along just dealing with typical CP stuff and then BAM, oh yeah..... Caleigh has short bowel syndrome. Maybe just a reminder?

Once the bump in the road is over, and she recovers from whatever it was; then we go back to our normal. I'm extremely thankful for the ability to get back to our normal.
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