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A New Adaptive Swing

Holly D Gray7 Comments
Only a short drive from our house sits the most incredible swing set known to our family. This is big.

We got word late last week that there was a new swing, at a local park, that would work for Caleigh. We squeezed in a visit the other day and I'm so glad we did.
When we walked up there were two swings. One had 2-5 years on it, and the other, larger swing, had 5-12 years on it. They were both high off the ground, which made them a difficult target for random children to jump in and out of. 

Never before in Caleigh's life, has she been able to securely swing so high and so carefree. She was able to sit upright with just a little bit of lean. She held her head in the middle wonderfully, and smiled a ton. Caleigh's typical positioning needs aren't ever this easy. This swing made that happen. The careful mom in me winced at the sight of her flying so high. My stomach did a somersault flip flop each time, I assume, Caleigh's did. Eric had a blast pushing her higher and higher. Most importantly, Caleigh had the best swinging session of her life.

Luckily, the swing had a brand name, PlayCore, on it. When we got home, we looked it up. PlayCore has sub companies, and one of those is a residential line of playground equipment. Swing and Slide is that company, and with amazing luck I was able to quickly locate the swing. At $369 + free shipping, believe it or not, it's actually a special needs bargain. Ironically, it is purchased and shipped through Home Depot.

Did you get through that purchasing maze? Home Depot is your spot and PlayCore is the brand.

Eric and I had been talking about getting Caleigh a swing set for her birthday. We've had this plan since around Christmas, but finding the right swing set that is usable for Caleigh has proved to be difficult. This swing, and Caleigh's sunshine filled face finalized that decision. It's on our want list for sure.

I'm on the hunt for a plain play set with three swing spots, and a small slide. I've got my eye on a platform swing as well. So having extra spots to put other swinging options would be ideal.

Oh how swing sets have changed since I was a kid. The small metal frame, jumping up and down with each powerful swing, doesn't really exist anymore. What I'm looking for is out there, I've just got to search a little harder.

I have 3 months to fulfill the birthday swing dream. We'll get there. In the mean time, I've got to work on keeping the secret from Caleigh.
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