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Gray Family Garden - May Update

Holly D GrayComment
MAYgarden11 MAYgarden 
{Radishes and Mixed Lettuce}

The past few weeks have produced a lot of lettuce and radishes for us. We are eating salads with almost every meal. We make homemade salad dressing and pile up the greens with tons of veggie goodness
MAYgarden10 MAYgarden12
{Pole Beans and Swiss Chard}
Eric made a wire line that goes from the top of the house trim down to the garden boxes. The tomatoes and pole beans have already started climbing up the support. 
MAYgarden7 MAYgarden6
{Zucchini and Yellow Squash}
The zucchini and squash plants are huge. We actually took some of the tiny veggies off the other day, and added them to our dinner salad. 
I don't remember growing strawberries before, but I know we have. So I'm not sure what to expect from them. Their green leaves are large, pretty and there are several clusters of blooms. 
{Lilac Pepper}
MAYgarden14 MAYgarden13  
We just love the garden and taking care of it is part of our daily routine. We haven't gotten around to painting the boxes, but that doesn't change the produce that comes from the earth everyday. 
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