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Memorial Day at Morgan's Wonderland

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This past weekend we took Caleigh down to Austin and San Antonio for a very short road trip. We stayed with friends on Sunday, where we ate some amazing food and stayed up way to late visiting. Caleigh didn't nap so by 6 o'clock she fell asleep on my shoulder. After an hour long snooze session she was ready to go. She finally went to bed around 11:30, which hasn't happened in as long as I can remember. 

The next morning we all met for breakfast and then headed down to Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio. Caleigh has been over the moon ecstatic about this trip. If you remember we took Caleigh to Morgan's Wonderland around this time last year. Looking back on that post, I can't believe how big my girl has grown! Last year was such a huge success that we had to do it again. This has to be Caleigh's favorite place on Earth right now. It's her Disney. It's her island get away. She loves Morgan's Wonderland with all her heart.
As soon as we got there she wanted to go on the carousal. She rode it three times before we made her get off to do something else. The carousal is her absolute favorite ride at the whole park.
We did some swinging next. She liked this version that goes in any direction. In all honesty though, they don't have the amazing new swing that we just discovered by our house. We could only swing her so high without getting nervous. So it wasn't amazing, but it did the trick.
morganswonderland13 morganswonderland14
We took a stroll over to their pier and Caleigh did the fastest "fishing" I've ever seen. {the fish was already on the hook} Her face in this photo pretty much sums up her feelings on the matter. We were out of there and waiting to catch the train in no time flat.
We rode the train next and by that point Caleigh was tired, hungry and way too hot. Morgan's has an air conditioned building with a lot of different rooms and stations. I think it is called the Sensory Village. Here's a little secret in case you ever visit..... The coldest spot in the whole park is in the air conditioned, no window projector room. The entire room is lined with sound absorbing carpet. There are even carpet panels hanging from the ceiling. Walking into this room was extremely calming. Am I the only mom that thinks she has sensory issues after being overly aware of their child's? Yeah, that's me, I loved this room.
All of the walls have an interactive projection screen with varying stuff playing on them. The one in the photo above is butterflies that land on your shadow when your being still. Very cool. We stayed in this gem of a find for over an hour. Eric got all of Caleigh's afternoon meds and formula hooked up, while she laid on my shoulder cooling off.
After we had all recovered from the heat, we made a quick stop in the green screen room. Eric and Caleigh gave the weather report and waved to me. She's pretty much a natural. 
They have the coolest xylophone area. Caleigh loves hitting them, but at the same time she anticipates and winces every single time. Her startle reflex really kicks in with the anticipation.
morganswonderland1 morganswonderland2
Three more rounds on the carousal....
After we called it quits on the carousal, we took Caleigh to the restroom. She did really well with using the potty at the park. By that time it was clear that whatever second wind she may have gotten with lunch and that cool down was over. She was tired and cranky. I was attempting to convenience her that it was time to go home when she broke down crying. I finally got out of her (thanks to Proloquo2Go and the iPad) that she wanted to do the wheelchair swing. This was the one thing that we hadn't done that she really wanted to do.
As we agreed to her request she quickly dried it up. So like any good parents we sucked it up and headed towards the swings. Eric found an attendant to help, and we loaded her on the wheelchair swing. Eric pushed our yawning girl, and I photographed the evidence while cheering her on.
Until she passed out....
So we called it a day and headed out of the park, where a very sweet lady insisted on taking our family photo. This is me holding up the head of our, in and out of sleep daughter....
Then we left. For Memorial Day weekend the drive home wasn't bad. Caleigh made it into her bed by 8:30 that night. It was a whirlwind two days, but very doable. Eric and I both agreed that we would need to start at Morgan's Wonderland much earlier in the day next time. If Caleigh has anything to do with it, we will definitely be back to visit sooner rather than later.

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