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RISE Adaptive Sports

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This past weekend Caleigh went kayaking for the first time! We have been planning this day for over a month now. RISE Adaptive Sports is a local non-profit organization that provides inclusive adaptive recreational sports. Name the sport and they adapt it. Most of all, participating is completely free to families. This particular day was their Kickin' off Summer Bash IV; where we got to see and try out most of the sports that they offer.
The day was perfect. It was beautiful, but seriously windy. We started by checking out the petting zoo, kayaking, then took a boat ride. We then ended our day by talking to some of the vendors that were set up.MAYrise4MAYrise7
Caleigh was very excited about the whole thing. After all, we have been talking about it forever. Eric and I love to kayak. We've talked about taking Caleigh out on the water so many times, but we always chicken out. The how's and what if's were too many. Maybe the fear of "what if" was too much. With the reassurance of the volunteers we were set to go. Caleigh loved kayaking the most when I asked her. Probably because she was the most fresh and awake. The further we got through the day the more tired Caleigh was. She had missed her much needed nap and the wind was taking its toll. 
The event was pretty large. There were a lot of people of all abilities that came. Young and old alike, it was a neat feeling of belonging. Although, I had several people, who are also wheelchair users, ask me if Caleigh has CP. I guess even in the wheelchair user community there are sub-categories that everyone needs to be put into. It was an interesting dynamic, and not really necessary at all. All within human curiosity I suppose. I think the only other time we've been around so many individuals, that use wheelchairs, was at the Abilities Expo. It was really nice actually.
Now that the opening of the season has started we will be able to take Caleigh weekly for whatever sport she wants. Kayaking is definitely on her list.
We talked to the power chair soccer person and plan on attending some of their practices. Maybe someone else giving Caleigh driving tips will be beneficial. Along with seeing other users in action, we will also be allowed to get in a chair and play with her. Something I can honestly say I haven't done.
We had a great family day and we were all properly exhausted when we got home. What an amazing organization for us to utilize. We can't thank them enough. This summer will be a great one for sure thanks to RISE Adaptive Sports.
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