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A week ago today Caleigh woke up with a very large yeast infection all over her diaper area. I called the pediatrician, bought some cream and proceeded to give Caleigh three baking soda baths a day. We did that all last weekend and by Sunday night it was gone.

Let me back up a bit though. For the last month and a half Caleigh has been "off." She's been throwing temper tantrums and having little meltdowns. It's been on and off. Not all the time, but it's been getting worse. Some nights we spend hours trying to get her to go to sleep. She cries when I take her out of her car seat. She's lethargic while she's being fed. A lot of odd behavior that I can't put my finger on. This is also around the same time that we switched up her Proloquo2Go app on her iPad. I don't think it is the sole reason behind the change, but I think it definitely plays a role.
On Tuesday, Caleigh had a big tantrum at speech therapy. She was apparently having a rough morning. She went potty a little bit on our to-go seat in the van about noon. I took her home and she slept for two hours, which is semi normal for her. Long story short, she withheld going to the bathroom all afternoon which isn't like her. By this time she was fussy and miserable. I called our pediatrician and we went in for a urine sample. She wouldn't go. So we went home with supplies to catch it when she did. Caleigh still didn't go to the bathroom until 8 o'clock that evening and I got a sample from that. I took it in the next morning. It was free of bacteria, but had sugar in it. We were immediately sent over to the hospital to do more labs.
The remainder of the week I have been checking Caleigh's blood sugars. If anything they were on the borderline low side an hour after her feed was done. In general her blood glucose levels were normal though. As of today, all of Caleigh's lab work has come back normal. Her A1C, which is a diabetes marker, was normal. The cultures that they sent off on the original urine came back negative as well. So the plan is to stop poking Caleigh's sweet fingers for now. We have an appointment on Monday to recheck her urine for sugars. It is not normal to have sugar in your urine, but at least we have ruled out diabetes. I can't find any answers on false positives in this test. Maybe that's what were dealing with as far as her urine goes. Everything else behavior wise, I'm still not sure. Hopefully on Monday we will get good answers.
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