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Urban Baby Bonnets - Our Brown Eyed Girl

Holly D Gray4 Comments
Ever since the day we brought Caleigh home from the NICU, her eyes have been extremely light sensitive. I have tiny sunglasses that she wore before she even had a prescription. I had a drawer full of teeny hats. At the time I thought it was the seizure medication she was on, but after several years of being off seizure meds; nothing has changed. 

My eyes are also very sensitive. I can't wear my glasses outside the house during the day. I have to wear contacts and sunglasses always. I've heard this is a blue eyed thing, but I'm not sure.
JUNEbonnet JUNEbonnet2
Caleigh's new(ish) glasses have transitions lenses. I had high hopes that they would give her the darkness that she needs, but it just doesn't seem to be enough. They don't change in the car and they just aren't quick enough when getting out of the van. As soon as the sun hits her face, she throws her body back. We do have plans to tint the van's windows extremely dark to help her with this.

Now that we are doing more and more outdoor activities, I've been on the hunt for a good hat that will block the sun. I bought a sun hat from Target that has a wide brim. We took it kayaking with us and every time Caleigh leaned back onto a headrest or my chest the hat would fall off because of the brim. It was a battle to keep on. Chalk that up to the one-billionth purchase that just didn't work.
JUNEbonnet7 JUNEbonnet8
So when I saw these Urban Baby Bonnets filling up my Instagram feed; I knew that it would work. The flat back of a bonnet mixed with a super wide front brim and a strap for the chin that keeps the hat secure; made it a shoe in. It took me forever to pick a pattern on these reversible hats, but I eventually went with the organic Forest print. I wanted something that wasn't too babyish and I think this one fits the bill.
They have measurements on the website with size suggestions. I measured Caleigh's head and ordered a 6-12 month size. Measuring Caleigh's head is one of my least favorite activities. With all that curly hair it's easy to forget that Caleigh has microcephaly, or a smaller than average head size. It just brings up yucky neurologist memories during those early years.
JUNEbonnet5 JUNEbonnet4
I had the bonnet by the end of that week. It's perfect. We've used it in her wheelchair, the pool and on the hammock. It will be perfect for kayaking. We plan on using it on our morning walk tomorrow too. Caleigh says that she likes it. The bonnet has helped with some of that startle reflex that a burst of sun to the face will cause. Overall, it's a win in our purchase department and a win with our sensitive brown eyed girl. 
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