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Caleigh has been on Acarbose for 6 days now. Her blood sugars are looking better. They aren't getting into the high 200s anymore and they haven't dropped below 60.

We went to endocrinology yesterday. It was decided that Caleigh's numbers needed to be a little tighter than they are, but she is doing a lot better than she was before. We are going to wait one more week, check in and then decide if we need to go up on the dose. Right now Caleigh is getting half of a pill at meal times. We may go up to a full pill before each feed. 
The cornstarch seems to be almost out of Caleigh's system. Her stomach became very bloated and firm not long after the stooling stopped. When it irritates the lining of her intestines like that things tend to slow down causing constipation. It's getting better but she probably has another week of uncomfortableness to go.  
Overall, Caleigh's mood is SO much better. She's happy again. She's ornery again. Her sense of humor is back. She's sleeping through the night and she no longer cries at the drop of a hat. Besides the numbers, this tells me that it's working. She's back. 

The other day we were doing some of Caleigh's phonics workbook pages. There was a paragraph with blanks to fill in and a word bank to choose from. She reads everything herself and then chooses which word goes where. The sentence was "When I am swinging in a hammock I feel _______." Now "relaxed" was clearly in the word bank, but she kept choosing "bothered" and then lifting her head smiling at me each time. She used to do things like this all the time. I'm beyond glad that she is feeling better.
We had a nice 4th of July weekend. This was pre-medication, but we did our best to celebrate the day. We took Caleigh to our town's parade, which has become a nice tradition. I think we've only missed it once. We had family and friends over to swim and we squeezed in some more kayaking. Other than that, we laid low waiting for the medicine to do it's thing. 
 The next few days are supposed to be over 100 degrees. I think we will be swimming as much as we can and reading lots of books from the comfort of our air conditioning.
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