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March Bluebonnets in Ennis, Texas

Holly D Gray2 Comments

Back in March Caleigh and I drove down to Ennis, Texas with Grammie to see the spectacle that is the Texas Bluebonnets. I remember going at least once when I was a kid, but I haven't been in probably twenty years or more. This was definitely something that I wanted to show Caleigh and of course I wanted to get the obligatory photo with the state flower. 

The town of Ennis has some pretty great "trails" that are basically back country roads. The visitor's center in town provides maps and hints to the best spots if you stop in before you get started. 

The first thing that struck me was the overwhelming smell the bluebonnets provided. The moment I took it in, I was traveling back in time to hanging out with my Pawpaw at the flower shop that he worked at. The smell of true fresh flowers in the thousands is breathtaking. 

We went on a weekday which I highly recommend. We also went a few days after the Bluebonnet festival which was another good move. 

Mom's from all over are plopping their unsuspecting infants, toddlers and willing children in the flowers for photos to treasure forever. That being said, it gets crowded. 

If you never want to look at bluebonnet photos the same again I suggest you look at the Pooping on Bluebonnets tumblr. Luckily for us Caleigh's wheelchair avoids this situation. 

There are generous land owners that have offered up their fields for this phenomenon. 

This was a fun, allergy filled day. We got the shots, the smell and the memories that we were after. I think we will definitely make the trip again.  

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