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201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray4 Comments

So yesterday was a big day and today was pretty big too! Caleigh started tube feedings of breastmilk. They are called continuous feeds because she gets 2ml every hour 24 hrs a day. She seems to be doing ok, but she is extremely uncomfortable. Because she is continuously fed; there is no time to burp or release the air. So she gets a lot of air in her tummy and it made her cry a lot today. It breaks my heart to see her in pain, but we knew all along that the feeding process would be long and frustrating. Hopefully it gets better soon. The nurses can pull out the air through the tube to release a lot of pressure and that seems to help.

Caleigh was also misbehaving with her breathing this morning so the doctor put her back on the Cpap. This one has nasal prongs and she does not like it one bit! Lots of frowning going on today ;-( The Cpap will keep her air sacs open by pushing air into her lungs. It's room air though, so she isn't needing oxygen assistance.

Also, I wanted all you prayer warriors out there to pray for a set of twins that are in the NICU with Caleigh. Jenny and Emma were born at 24 weeks and each were about a pound and a half. Emma is doing well, but having trouble gaining weight. And Jenny is having a fluid problem and the doctors don't know why she is swelling so bad. She is on the ventilator because she is too fragile and they almost lost her earlier this week. Jenny and Emma have 3 other siblings at home waiting for them. They have been in the NICU for about a month and a half. If everyone could add them to their prayers, we would really appreciate it.

Again, thanks for all of the comments and wonderful prayers. When I hold Caleigh, I talk to her and tell her about all the people that love her and pray for her daily. It makes a huge impact. Thanks again!


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