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201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray7 Comments

Today Daddy got to hold Caleigh for the first time since her last surgery! Look at that no more Cpap on her nose!! Yea! The doctors are doing the 4 hours on, 4 hours off thing to see if Caleigh can handle it and let me tell you ...... she is doing amazing. So hopefully in a couple of days she won't need it at all.

Caleigh loves holding Daddy's finger :-) Look at the little neck rolls! What a chunk :-) Caleigh weighs 3 lbs. 8 oz. today. This means that she can start wearing clothes with easy access buttons and she no longer needs the isolette to help control her temperature. Caleigh has been holding her own temperature for 2 days now and doing great. Soon the doctors will move her to an open bed!! P.S. we are totally set with preemie clothes ...... I think Caleigh will be the most stylish preemie in the NICU :-)

And finally, check out the little grin on our sweet princess! Caleigh is happy again and showing it. While Caleigh was holding Daddy, we talked to her and made her smile over and over again! It's great to know that she is feeling better. Check back for updates soon...... I think we are about to start feedings again. Were are a little nervous, but Eric and I, plus all the nurses have been giving Caleigh pep talks about dirty diapers and lots of breastmilk!

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