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New Prescription = New Glasses

Holly D Gray2 Comments

About a week ago Caleigh had her yearly eye exam. Since we made the switch a few years ago to a different ophthalmologist, eye appointments have been easy and fairly stress free. Every time we go I remind myself that we made a good decision. 

Caleigh's eye sight this time around had changed. It had been the same near-sightedness for the past two years so I was a little surprised that it had gotten a bit worse. Although, I will point out that my prescription is pretty ridiculous and very near sighted. Maybe she's just falling in line with her family. 

As far as Caleigh's eyes crossing or strabismus, there is no change. Her eyes are really pretty straight and they only cross when her dystonia is particularly strong or she's not wearing her glasses at all. 

So with her new prescription and recent growth, Caleigh got to pick out new frames. I really like these. They are big enough that when her head tilts to the side they don't rise up on her forehead. I'm pretty sure she chose them because of the green accents. It was between these or a red frame with green arms. I'm glad she chose these because the red frame reminded me of Christmas. 

She's looking more and more grown up each and every day and these glasses just add to that feeling for me. 

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