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Just a small update.....right now Caleigh is on 6ml of Neocate a hour continuous feeds and they bumped her pectin amount up to 3% to help with her loose stools. Tonight we are doing a stool reduction sample to see if she is dumping her sugars and basically losing nutrition. If it comes back positive we will go back down to 5ml an hour and then only go up 1 ml once a week. Her last reduction sample came back as trace so they want to keep checking. Hopefully we can keep going up on her feeds and I pray she keeps tolerating the changes.

The new pump and bags have been a bit of an adjustment for the nurses to get used to. There are a lot of specifics and no one had used them before. So today I wrote out an instruction sheet for who ever is taking care of Caleigh. At this point Eric and I are more than mom and dad......we are Caleigh's nurse too. I guess that comes along with 'caretaker' and I wouldn't want it any other way. Since the new equipment came into the picture; I have been feeling like there are too many hands in the basket. I'm ready to bring Caleigh home so that we can control the situation a little better and not have to worry about mistakes or infections. I'm sure it's just a control thing. Just the normal stuff that we have come to be concerned about. I've been told we have NICUitis and I'm pretty sure we do!

Caleigh's G-button is still having a really hard time healing. We did a silver nitrate treatment to the granulation tissue around the button opening about 4 days ago and again yesterday morning. This breaks down the granulation tissue and helps stop the drainage that we have been having. This last dose has caused the skin around the button to start to peel away. Caleigh's belly looks kinda like a burn victim, poor baby. She acts like it hurts a lot and I just feel terrible for her. We've started putting antibiotic ointment on it today and will continue until it gets better. We just pray that it won't get infected again. Apparently, G-buttons are horrible about leaking, growing the granulation tissue and just being a big pain to deal with, but what should we expect with a hole in the stomach. So we are watching the site and being extremely careful with it.

Until next time......

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