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North Texas Sleet Day

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D Gray7 Comments

What do you do when North Texas is shut down on account of some sleet? 

You bundle up, and crunch ice in your power chair like a princess. 

Caleigh has been doing really well driving her chair with the joystick. Today was a great day to enjoy it too! We added new stickers and cleaned it up before we headed out in the cold. 

She lasted about 30 minutes before she was ready to come inside. 

Today taught me that we aren't even prepared for the cold of Pittsburgh and Boston. -9 and below isn't even on our radar. Today it was 27 degrees and we were chilly. Our Texas attire just doesn't seem to be enough. Depending on our trip timing we will need to stock up on warmer clothes for sure. 

We haven't had anything that really resembles winter so far this year so we were about due. Hoping you are warm and snuggly this evening and enjoying time with your family. 

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