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201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray2 Comments

Caleigh & Daddy taking a nap together

Caleigh is feeling much better with a few days of antibiotics in her. They do bloodwork that measures her CRP levels to check and see if there is infection. Caleigh's level was at 17 and is now back down to 8. So the antibiotics are working and getting rid of the infection. Her G-button site looks better as well.

After we gave Caleigh a bath, we sat down to play with her. She loves her Daddy!

Sadly enough Caleigh seems to be a much happier baby when we aren't feeding her. She's more bright eyed, interactive, and generally just in a better mood. Eric and I also started doing her CVL dressing changes. This is a big deal because there has to be a sterile field. I never knew how difficult it could be to put gloves on without touching them! It takes a team to hold Caleigh's pacifier, hold her arms down and talk to her while another person actually does the dressing change. Caleigh's CVL is her life line right now and cleanliness and proper techniques are very important. We don't need any infections. There has been talk of her going home on the TPN and that is why we started doing the dressing changes ourselves.

We have been working with Caleigh to start holding her paci in her mouth and to also bring it to her mouth when it falls out. She doesn't have it down without some help still but she is learning really well so far.

I've also been asked a lot 'where did you get that pacifier holder?' Well, I got it at Target and it's called the Soothie Pacifier Attacher. In one day alone Caleigh had spit 4 pacis on the hospital floor. Once it hits the hospital floor there is no saving it. So the nurses would have to go get another one. I would be interested to know how many soothies we have been through.....maybe 40 by now! The adorable, large, pink flower has saved us and she hasn't needed another paci since we got it.

Tomorrow, we will be seeing all of our regular doctors and maybe the GI doctor as well. We have soooo many questions for the GI doc...poor guy! There was talk about trying to feed again on Monday but we will just have to see if she is ready.



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