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Raising the Rare ChildHolly D Gray9 Comments

Caleigh's first Christmas!

For those that didn't know, Eric & I left the Christmas tree up for Caleigh. We didn't expect it to stay up until March, but what tha heck! We put her in her 'baby's 1st christmas' outfit and opened up the gifts that Santa had put under the tree. Her face pretty much says it all......

We played by the tree the next morning too!

Not to worry, the Christmas season is now over and won't be showing back up until December, where it belongs.

So today was Caleigh's first Pediatrician appointment. We spent all morning packing bags and equipment and then loading the car for our 1:45 appointment. We got to the appointment and the first thing we requested was to be taken to a room immediately. We don't need Caleigh picking up any bugs at the doctors office. One thing is for sure....when you come in flashing tubes and wires hanging from your baby, things get done really fast! We were taken to a room where we filled out paperwork and waited for the doctor. Caleigh weighed 10lbs 1.5 oz and is 22 inches long. It's funny cause when we first showed up they said 'oh a newborn appointment'?...... I forget that Caleigh is sooo small for her age and she does look like a 10 lb newborn. Caleigh got her 6 mth shots and we don't have to go back until she is 9 mths old. We ended up really liking our choice and hopefully she is one doc that we won't have to see soon.

Caleigh has been doing really well. Her tummy looks great and we have an appointment with our GI doc on Thursday so I expect us to raise her feeds up. Our last dose of the 'MUD' antibiotics was given this evening. We are going to try to make the 10 days off so that we can cycle it on & off. We don't want her to become resistant. She isn't sleeping very well by herself and we usually have to hold her the whole time. As soon as we get her laid down she has retching spells and then she is wide awake again. Tomorrow we have an appointment with Caleigh's surgeon but before that we are taking her to get an ultrasound on her left hip over at Cooks. During Caleigh's discharge evaluation our Neo noticed some clicking in her left hip area and wanted us to get it checked out. As with the previous 'healed' fractures that were noticed, this is all a result of her prolonged TPN usage. Hopefully it is nothing and that is what we are praying for.

Some interesting Caleigh info:

-Caleigh loves to watch the ceiling fan go round and round.

-She has started to 'bat' at us & toys with her left (her weaker) hand (but only when she wants too)

-She seems to love her car rides, but only when the car is actually moving and the faster the better!

-Hoosier & KoKo love Caleigh! Hoosier cries when Caleigh's too cute

Obviously, things have been nuts in the Gray household! Eric and I read every comment that you write and we really do appreciate all the thoughts and prayers for our family. I know everyone has been calling and I am trying to get back to everybody asap....but Caleigh has NO schedule and we sleep when she sleeps, which hasn't been much lately. We are usually holding her 24/7 and I have nicknamed her the Velcro Baby! At least we are now able to hold her 24/7 in our home........

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