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Pitt Bound

Raising the Rare Child, Traveling w/ DisabilitesHolly D Gray6 Comments

The Gray Family travels north!

This Sunday, April 13th, Eric & I will be taking Caleigh to the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. We will arrive on Sunday afternoon and then check into the hospital Monday morning. After Caleigh is admitted on Monday, the small bowel transplant evaluation will begin. They will do MRI's, CT scans, a complete blood workup, and lots of other fun stuff. We've decided to take Caleigh to Pitt because it is a world renowned transplant center. We aren't even sure that Caleigh is a candidate for transplant, but they have agreed to evaluate her situation. Above all, this is a chance to get a second opinion on that little tummy that seems to puzzle the best.

New doctors, surgeons and nurses. Scary, actually. All of Caleigh's 'team' knows her so well and we know that this will mean stepping out of our comfort zone and trusting a whole new crew. Eric and I have been thinking about this famous 'second' opinion for some time now and we believe that this is a positive move. Hopefully, we can learn more about Caleigh's situation and the possibility of a transplant.

Caleigh has really started holding her head up. She seems stronger and more alert. Caleigh's coos have come a long way and she makes us smile more and more everyday.

Here are some helpful links regarding our trip:

CHP Transplant


Intestinal Transplants

Thanks to some generous donations (THANK YOU) we were able to buy a laptop. I'm typing on it right now, laying in bed, watching Caleigh sleep. So hopefully, I will be able to get on here a little more often. Plus there will be lots of updates when we arrive in Pitt.......which by the way is supposed to 34 degrees!

Wish us luck and pray for a smooth transition with answers galore.

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