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Positive Results

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D. Gray2 Comments

Caleigh had a good night and slept well. Her fever was gone through the night just like the previous night. By 7am she had a temp of 100.8 and we gave tylenol to try and break it before it got too high. It seemed to help pretty quickly this time. 

We watched the Boston Marathon from the TV instead of the sidelines, cancelled our flight home, made calls, and sent emails rerouting our upcoming week. Caleigh continued to feel a little more perky so we gave her a sponge bath, washed her hair and got new bedding. She sat up in her wheelchair for about 15 minutes before wanting back in bed. 

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This afternoon, a little after lunch the preliminary results for Influenza came back positive.

Caleigh has the FLU.

We're not sure about the strain yet, but she doesn't have congestion, vomiting, diarrhea, or cough. High fevers, intense chills and general feelings of yuckiness are her thing. Her white counts were barely low and the rest of her labs were perfect. Her symptoms were really puzzling for the team. We've always been diligent about the Flu shot every year since she was born. She got hers this past October.

So what are the chances that the Flu hits the morning after a planned scope procedure? I'm asking because I have no clue... It's a crazy coincidence really. We're currently quarantined to our room and she still feels rotten, but we'll take it. This was the best case scenario.

Tomorrow we have plans to start feeds and see how she tolerates them. We're hoping that the fevers subside and that she is able to eat regularly. Right now her guts aren't cooperating very well. Eric and I are also crossing our fingers and hoping that Caleigh isn't into sharing the Flu love with us. 

There is a first for everything and it seems we wanted a dramatic Flu virus first. 


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