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Post-op Day Eleven & Twelve

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Post-op Day Eleven

We spent Friday resting and hanging out in our room. Caleigh was still breathing fast, but the fevers had broke as soon as the fluid was drained from her abdomen. She was getting round the clock Tylenol and Toradol. She stopped needing the Valium for pain. Her respiratory rate was still considered fast, but it was slowly getting better in the 50s & 60s. 

They added in nebulizer treatments and an additional neb steroid as well as chest PT every two hours. Her lungs sound fine and everyone says so, but they won't let go of the orders yet. 

Caleigh slept well through the night even though they woke her often. She was able to fall back asleep quickly. 

Post-op Day Eleven & Twelve via

Post-op Day Twelve

The preliminary cultures on the drained fluid is still negative. The fluid could be clear based on the antibiotic coverage. Meaning it could have still been infected fluid, but the antibiotics were taking care of it anyway. Whatever it was, Caleigh's demeanor and condition has improved quite a bit since removing it.

Caleigh continues to stool and the gastric contents that are draining to gravity are clearing up and becoming less. Today we started closing her g-button for two hours on and two hours off. If she tolerates this then feeds could be in the future. 

Post-op Day Eleven & Twelve via

Her Tylenol is PRN and the Toradol was removed as of this morning. The Toradol is out of the picture now because it can cause intestinal bleeding if used too long. By noon, her fever returned. They drew more labs and cultures and gave her a dose of Tylenol. Her body is still fighting the mystery infection. This afternoon they switched up her antibiotic coverage and added in another fluid bolus after lab results came. We're hoping this new antibiotic does the trick. 

The red area on her abdomen continues to get smaller, but not go away completely. They believe she may have two separate things going on. One being cellulitis, a bacterial skin infection, and the other being the infected abdominal fluid. 

Caleigh's lungs are doing great. They moved chest PT to every four hours and the PT that did it this morning said she doesn't need it. It was left on the orders for good measure I guess. Maybe it'll be able to fall off by Monday. 

Today, Caleigh was able to get in her wheelchair for the first time since surgery. She lasted over an hour and then spiked that fever at noon. She was able to wear her AFOs for that small time too. She's tired and weak, but in good spirits with the right entertainment. Her sweet voice is still hoarse from the breathing tube, but it's there and getting stronger. The PICC line makes getting dressed with sleeves impossible and the pajamas in these photos were dirty within 6 hours of putting it on. Back to hospital gowns we go. Caleigh and I both got a good two hour nap this afternoon. It was lovely and much needed. 

The plan is to now wait. Wait and see if the new antibiotic kicks the infection to the curb. 

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