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Post-op Day Ten

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Caleigh was able to sleep mostly through the night despite someone coming in hourly to check on her vitals, belly and overall how she looked. On the edge of ICU evaluations with all of the teams. 

The CT scan showed an area of fluid build up on the left side of her abdomen. At first we were told that she would be going down to have it drained as soon as possible. Then we were told that the Interventional Radiologist (IR) wanted an ultrasound of the area. We took Caleigh down for that around 3:30pm. The IR doctor came in and looked at the ultrasound and talked to us about the procedure. 

Post-op Day Ten via

Caleigh went down for the procedure to remove the abscess about 4pm and we met back up with her in recovery about 5:30. The IR team removed 10ml of fluid from the left side of her abdomen. The fluid look light pink and not visibly infected. No signs of pus or infection were found. They sent of cultures and gram bacteria tests. Cultures will take time to grow and the bacteria tests will come back soon.

Overall, Caleigh did really well with the procedure. She was intubated, extubated and on room air quickly in recovery. Her respiratory rate continues to run fast and her fevers are still hanging around. IR thought that she might need a drain or wound vac depending on what they found but she didn't. There is a tiny IV needle like incision. They also had an ICU bed waiting for her and we were able to return to the floor. We had to wait in recovery for over an hour and a half during shift change which wasn't the most fun of circumstances, but we survived. 

So not much was discovered from this tiny fluid pocket. Caleigh's abdomen still has a growing red area, she's breathing fast and the fevers remain, but she's stable enough to stay on the floor. Tomorrow is a new day with new plans. There was talk of switching up the antibiotics, but that's about the only tentative plan for now. 

Thank you to everyone that sent out your thoughts and prayers for Caleigh and her team of doctors and surgeons today. It's been a very busy day that ended really well. Hoping she's able to get some good sleep tonight. 

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