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Rash be Gone, NPO, Car Seat Test

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray3 Comments

Who fell asleep in their Bumbo chair?

Caleigh's rash seems to be going away slowly. It looks a lot better than it did a few days ago. On Friday, we started using


cream, another antifungal and it has been getting better ever since. Were still going to wait to change out her CVL dressing just in case there is still the possibility of the rash spreading.

Some more mirror time......

Unfortunately, Caleigh's tummy isn't looking so good despite the rash healing. This morning we tried a glycerin suppository to try to get Caleigh to stool some more. She has been stooling just fine but her belly is big again and it was worth a shot. She did have a few dirty diapers with the suppository but her tummy distention just wasn't getting better. She was also having yellow residuals when we burped her G-button. We called the GI docs and they stopped her feeds. So once again Caleigh is NPO (nothing by mouth). Tomorrow morning the GI doc is supposed to come by and see about starting her feeds again. Caleigh has been on Flagyl, a probiotic, for 10 days now. Eric and I think that it isn't working to keep the bacterial overgrowth from taking over. There are other probiotic options and we will probably start looking into those. She just may be resistant to the Flagyl after all this time.

And finally, after all this time and two failed attempts, Caleigh passed her car seat test! Yay!

You may be wondering 'what in the world is a car seat test?' Well, the test is required of all babies before they leave the NICU to go home. It is to make sure that they can keep their oxygen saturation up and heart rate up. Our NICU requires 90 minutes....... The first 2 times we tried to do was HORRIBLE! Caleigh got so upset, crying and screaming that she could barely breathe. She turned as white as a sheet, started to sweat and because she was crying so hard and couldn't breathe her oxygen sat dropped. I'm talking...... blue lips! So today we gave her a bath, adjusted some of the cushions and straps, got Caleigh to sleep first and then tried the car seat test. Notice the pacifier holder strategically positioned..... Success! Caleigh slept the whole time and then some, ultimately passing the test. We will be practicing car seat time everyday though, just in case this was a fluke occurrence. One more thing off the list in our quest to bring Caleigh home.

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