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Returning to Boston Children's Hospital

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D. GrayComment

Next week we will be packing our bags and heading back up to Boston for the CAIR Clinic (Center for Advanced Intestinal Rehabilitation.) At this point our plans are to see Caleigh's team twice a year. This comes out to once in the spring and again in the fall.

Boston Fire Department Ladder 17 via

This visit will be different for Caleigh because she will be having an upper and lower scope. She is still having blood present in her stool and her g-button is still extremely painful. This will be the first time that Caleigh will go under anesthesia or have an actual procedure in Boston. We are hoping that this will give the CAIR team more insight into what is going on. 

We will be able to stay family housing about four blocks from the hospital and we were able to request extra days so that Caleigh can rest and recover for the after effects a bit before we head back home. 

While we are at Boston Children's Hospital we will see Endocrinology for a follow up as well. Nothing has changed as far as Caleigh's premature adrenarche, dumping syndrome or growth so I'm assuming this appointment won't be anything but a check in. 

The weather is pretty terrible in Boston today with snow and temps around 10 degrees. Next week we are looking at 40s & 50s and rain. I've been holding out on putting up our winter clothes for just this occasion. 


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