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Room 2

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Someone should tell our little chunky monkey that it isn't very nice to stick out her tongue!

Early this morning Caleigh was moved to room 2. A set of triplets were delivered and they had to make some room. Yay! We made it out of 3A, aka 'The Chronic Room' were babies stay for a long time. The scenery is different but the room still comes with tender loving care. This doesn't mean that we are on our way out the door, but it is one step closer to home. The surgeons upped Caleigh's feeds to 8ml an hour. She is doing wonderfully and we expect at this rate, at least 8 more weeks until she is getting full feeds and then we will have to master that bottle!

Yesterday, Caleigh got to watch a Baby Einstein DVD in her crib! The nurse said that she was so excited and watched intently the entire time and as soon as it was over she fell asleep. Such big changes this week!

Dear friends of ours at the hospital gave Eric and I a date night at the Mavericks game last night. Courtside seats, VIP lounge, Gold parking and close enough to hear every call, fight, ref and announcer! Mavs won and we had a blast! You can click on the images to make them larger.

Tip off

Sitting soooo close

Can I just say how much I love Dirk! He's amazing!



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