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Rooming In

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray6 Comments

Yesterday, Eric and I roomed in with Caleigh. It was nice to be in our own room without all the noise of the NICU. We started the morning off with a bath and then OT came and worked with Caleigh. Of course she was worn out from the bath so she fell asleep pretty quick after that. We held her all day and dad and I took turns cat napping which was nice. The day went really well and I think it was really good for all of us to have that time together.

Caleigh is still spitting up and today the docs put a transpyloric tube down Caleigh's nose instead of the NG feeding tube that she normally has. The new tube bypasses her stomach and goes straight to her intestines. Instead of orange it is yellow and it is a little bit harder than the orange one. This will be able to tell us if Caleigh is having reflux or if her stomach is backing up with formula. We should know this in the next day or two. So far Caleigh isn't getting very much milk at all and what she is getting she is spitting up so she really isn't getting any nutrition from the feeding process. Basically, it's not working which leads us to the next step.........

So, tomorrow Eric and I will sit down with all of our doctors to do what they call a care conference. Yep, it's Caleigh's first parent - teacher conference! We are going to go over the options and most likely set a time for the next surgery. The main thing is what to do once they get in there and what the outcomes might be. There are several options and every case is different so we will just have to see. I think it will be good to sit down and go over some goals and hopefully we will feel better after we talk to everyone.

Here's a video of Caleigh holding her head up like a big girl. Of course she was more interested in the window than the camera!



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