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SPML Cast Removal Day

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D. Gray1 Comment

This morning Caleigh was able to have her casts removed. It's been one month and four days since her SPML surgery. We've been counting down the days on a calendar hung right next to her bed and boy can I tell you that she was so excited for this day. 

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The removal of the casts was uneventful. Thankfully there weren't any sores or skin breakdown during the big reveal. Caleigh's skin is thin and scaly. We have instructions to gently clean the skin and not exfoliate at all. It'll take some time for the skin to return to normal. 

I asked Caleigh this morning if she thought that the surgery was worth it and she immediately said yes. Her legs are less spastic, tight and generally they seem to be more comfortable. She says that her hip isn't healed of pain, but that it is better than it was. What was once an all out olympic sport just to get her in the van booster seat is now manageable. Same goes with so many other everyday activities. This is a big win in my book. Caleigh's comfort was the number one priority when choosing to do the procedure. 

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Caleigh still has another month of wearing her knee immobilizers at night. She's not a huge fan of them, but has definitely settled into the routine. 

In two days we will be picking up Caleigh's new AFOs and then she will settle in for a few months of strengthening before we head back to Houston in June for our follow-up with Dr. Yngve. Overall, we see great positives with this procedure and so far we're happy with the results. 


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