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STEP Decisions

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray5 Comments

Today's conference with all of our doctors went really well. They are such caring people and I know that they are doing everything possible for our little girl. I think we talked for an hour and it really helped us go through the options and most importantly get all of our questions answered. This is a huge step for Caleigh and us.

So the doctors are advocating for Caleigh to have the STEP (Serial Transverse Enteroplasty) procedure done. The link will explain the procedure and there is a picture as well. In 2002 a doctor in Boston did the first STEP procedure so it is fairly new. The surgery has its ups and downs but at this point not doing anything is more harmful than the complications of surgery. The longer Caleigh is on the TPN for nutrition the harder her liver is having to work. So the sooner we can get feeds going at a good rate the better.

If you have an hour (and a strong stomach) you can watch a actual STEP procedure here

The video really helped Eric and I visualize what our little princess will be going through. They want to do the surgery sometime next week and they will put a new CVL (Central Line) in and also repair Caleigh's hernia at the same time. So she will be getting a 3 for 1 surgery day! We went home this evening to talk about the surgery and think on it and I'm pretty sure we are going to give the docs the go ahead tomorrow. I pray that we are guided to make the right decisions. That Caleigh's surgery is free of complications and that the doctors and surgeons are filled with the knowledge and skill that only God and hard work can give.

So Eric and I are going to try to room in a few more times before Caleigh isn't as 'portable' as she is now and spend lots of time loving on her as usual.





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