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Surgeon & NICU Visit

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray4 Comments

Yesterday, Eric and I went to meet the surgeon that would be operating on our baby's gastroschisis. Dr. Black is with the Pediatric Surgical Associates of Fort Worth. He has been doing gastro surgeries since 1978 when they were very rare. He now has at least 2 in the NICU all the time that he has operated on and is watching over. He thinks the surgery will start 2-4 hours after birth. So we should be able to see our little one before they take him/her in. The surgery is fairly quick and Baby Gray should only be on a ventilator for 24 hours after the surgery to help with the pressure of putting the bowels back inside. I was worried about that :-) He was also very positive about our situation and explained a lot of the details we had questions about. We really liked him and we feel he will be a great addition to our doctors.

We then went over to Harris Methodist and did the pre-admission paperwork for the hospital. Now all we have to do is show up and have a baby! We stopped by the NICU hoping to get a tour of the facilities that we will be spending so much time in, but unfortunately they don't give tours anymore. Privacy reasons, busy facility, and not enough space were some of the reasons. Maybe someone should tell the doctors that sent us over? We did talk with one of the charge nurses, Sue, and she answered some of our questions, gave us visitation rules and the phone number if we think of any other questions. She was very nice and reassuring and had a great British sound! The NICU has a small waiting room and only one person can go into the facility with either me or Eric at a time. If they are admitting a baby or working on them in some way everyone has to leave. We can't have lots of toys or decorations, but we can bring hats and mittens from home and a cd player to play the classical music that I have been playing on my belly! They were discharging the gastro baby that we were hoping to see and they were expecting one in that afternoon. Even though we didn't get to 'go' in I still feel better knowing where we will be and a little bit about the operations.

So yesterday was a really long day! All we have to do now is meet with the hospital social worker about insurance and meet with a few pediatricians to pick one. Show up for our OB appointments and wait!

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