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Caleigh with her new hair bow. Caleigh's favorite nurse, Ashley, made her a hair bow to go with the halloween sweater she bought her (complete outfit pictures coming soon) Soooo Cute!

Today Caleigh weighs a remarkable 3 lbs 15.7 oz. We can't believe she is about to double her birth weight. Tomorrow she will be 6 wks old and it is just amazing how much she has gone through and accomplished in such a short time. In actuality, Caleigh's gestational age is only 35 wks which makes everything she (and all other preemies) accomplish wonderfully amazing! Caleigh is still on the TPN nutrition and fats. The doctors haven't started any pedialyte or milk yet. We are still waiting on her bowels to show that they are ready. They are slow moving but mine would be slow too after 5 surgeries! We are waiting on her stomach acid to turn clear (right now it is a light green color) and lessen in amount or wait for a bowel movement. Caleigh had to go back into the temperature controlled bed. She just wasn't holding her temp being swaddled and clothed in room air. The docs just seem to think it is immaturity and they will try again at a later time. Which leads to the title 'Lady in Waiting' cause that is what we do best with miss Caleigh.

Mommy went for her 6 wk check up today and everything looks great! Yesterday, Eric and I loaded up a lot of breastmilk to donate to the Mother's Milk Bank of North Texas. We are also sending what is at the hospital over to the bank as well. I had so much milk and the deep freeze was full; what better way to help other babies while Caleigh isn't needing the milk. When she does start taking milk, the docs will give her my freshest milk so the old milk will just sit there anyways, and I will still be pumping so eventually the old stuff would have to go to waste. My milk will be labeled for premature babies because my milk came in prematurely at 28 wks. I didn't know there was a difference, but I guess there is. I put a link to the milk bank in the links section of the blog. I know that you can link your albertsons, kroger and tom thumb rewards card to the milk bank and a portion of your purchase goes to them. One of Caleigh's nurses and a doctor at the NICU started the milk bank and now milk is shipped all over the country. Can you tell I am excited to be helping those sweet little babies grow :-)

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