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3 Months Old

3 Months Old, 6 lbs. 5.5 oz.

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Can you believe it? Caleigh is 3 months old today! When I say it, or in this case type it, I just can't believe I was rushed to the O.R. 3 months ago to deliver our little 2 pound miracle! Yikes!

Today was a good day in the NICU for Caleigh. Mommy bought her a birthday dress and gave her a manicure, complete with a lotion massage. A birthday spa package if you will. When we were done there was lots of snuggling.

Rootin' Around!

Caleigh still isn't eating. She has the suction tube and the surgeons are talking about doing another contrast study before we start feeds again. The formula that Caleigh will start soon is called Alimentum. It is broken down into particles of elements so that her body doesn't have to do all the work. Apparently, it works pretty good on gut babies and I truly hope it works for Caleigh. The scalp IV started to look red so they took it out and put a new IV in Caleigh's foot. She has to have an IV because the antibotics and medicine that she is on can't mix with the TPN going through the picc line. Poor Caleigh.......she's sporting a mohawk-mullet hairdo because the doc had to shave her head on each side to look for a good vein. Good thing Caleigh has lots of hats!

On Tuesday night, National Prematurity Awareness Day, I was invited to photograph the March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction. It was a wonderful event lead by an amazing woman, Lisa Grubbs. Lisa just so happens to be the wife of Caleigh's neonatologist, Dr. Grubbs. Small world! I emailed the March of Dimes Fort Worth chapter offering to volunteer with anything that they had going on and that's how I met Lisa. It was a wonderful evening with great food and the love for premature babies. I believe the event raised over $200,000 for premature babies everywhere. I can't wait for next year!

Just some facts from Tuesday evening:

Did you know that:

$5000 could pay for one critical premature baby's air flight transport to the nearest level III neonatal intensive care unit?

$2500 could pay for a ventilator for ONE day for a baby cared for in the NICU?

$1000 could fund a program to help 47 pregnant women quit smoking?

$500 could provide prenatal care classes for 10 pregnant women?

$250 could provide respiratory treatment for 1-1.5 days to help a premature baby breathe more easily?

$100 could help 10 families with babies in neonatal intensive care learn how to take care of their baby when he or she comes home?

A truly touching and emotional story written by Lisa Grubbs:

Once Upon a Time a Baby Was Born. The child was too early and so very small. Although fragile, the child was loved fiercely by her parents. Just before the baby's birth the expectant parents were making plans for the final three months of pregnancy. The mother planned shopping trips for nursery bedding and baby clothing. The father imagined his firstborn daughter and all the hopes and dreams he had for her. But today all those plans, hopes and dreams were swept away - joy and anticipation were replaced with panic and fear as they watched their two pound daughter struggle to survive. Machines and tubes were attached to her body, keeping her alive. Hours turned into days, days into weeks and weeks into months. Every day brought with it a roller coaster of emotions, some joyous, but many painful as they learned about prematurity in the most personal way a person can.....through the birth of their daughter who had been born to soon.

Every baby deserves a healthy start and every mother deserves a full nine months of pregnancy.



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