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Baby Legs

5 Months Old

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Caleigh wearing her


8lbs 8oz, 20 inches long

Caleigh's height & weight is in the 5th percentile as of now

Wow, time sure does seems like just yesterday Caleigh was recovering from surgery on her 4 month b-day. So yesterday Caleigh was 5 months old and Eric and I stayed up late to make all the doctors and nurses + staff cookies. We attached a note that said:

Caleigh Gray is 5 months old today!

Enjoy a cookie or a few and know that we appreciate everything you do.

With Love,

Eric, Holly & Caleigh Gray

Everyone loved the cookies and we talked about how tiny Caleigh was just a short 5 months ago. It was a really nice day.

As far as medical updates, Yesterday we finally got the Ferrall Valve Bags, a brand new

Zevex EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump

with feeding bags too. We had to get all of this through Cooks Home Health and wow was it a pain to get. We got the order 4 days ago and got everything just yesterday due to our insurance denying the claim. So Dr. Ogunmola (did I say how much we love this man!) had to write a letter and get it approved. Finally, it happened and we set everything up last night and it is all running super smoothly. I'm actually really excited about it. Funny what you get a kick out of when your baby is in the hospital! So now maybe all that extra air & gas can escape out of Caleigh's tummy and she can feel much better. We moved her feeding up to 5ml an hour and she seems ok with it for now. We also started cycling Caleigh's TPN off for 8 hrs a day now (instead of 4) to help her liver get a rest. This weeks lab work was really exciting too because Caleigh's bilirubin levels went from 12 down to 9! It's a combination of her getting formula constantly and the meds + cycling of the nutrition. Whatever it takes to get her there.

On the going home front lines....... We've been told that Caleigh needs to be half way on her feeds before they would let her go home. Even then she would be on TPN & pump feedings and it would be a hospital at our home. Eric & I are prepared for this and can't wait really. Right now Caleigh is getting 5 ml an hour continuous feeds. To be half way she needs to be consistently taking in 13ml or more an hour round the clock to be able to go home. There is some talk that she may not make it half way with her feeds in the first year of her life and if that is the case then she will go home on less. The new pump & bags that we got yesterday will go home with us and then we will get all the equipment for her TPN too. So we are still a month or more away from this happening but at least there is a plan.

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