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Bouncin' around

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray8 Comments

Caleigh's first time in her bouncer! She loves it!

Lots of room to grow!

So the past couple of days have been a waiting game. Hanging out, trying to make a hungry baby feel better until her belly was ready for the slow 'drip' continuous feeds. The surgeon came by today and started Caleigh on 3ml of pedialyte per hour. He wanted to start her on the pedialyte to help her system get ready for the milk. They want to get up to full feeds on the pedialyte before they start the milk and that will probably take a long time.

Today Caleigh weighs 5lbs 9oz and she is 16.5 inches long. With only 2 wks till her original due date; we finally got an estimate on Caleigh going home. The docs are thinking 3-4 months from now. Yep, that's February or March......... wow, we knew it would be a long time, but when you get an actual number or month it makes it all too real. When you start to look at the big picture over the next couple of months or years; things can become overwhelming. We've just been taking each day as it comes and that won't change just because we have a time estimate. When our princess is ready to go home we'll open our arms.

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