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4 Easy Steps - Homemade DIY Ice Packs

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When it comes to homemade ice packs our family knows the ropes. Caleigh has been using a feeding pump to get her daily groceries for over eight years now and in that time we have gone through some serious ice packs. We have to keep her Elecare Jr. formula cool at all times. So finding a great ice pack was definitely on my list of things to do for years. 

We've used the commercial kind that came with her monthly supply of TPN in the past. We've used the regular soft store bought version only to be annoyed when they leak goo everywhere. The hard shell ice packs work, but they are too heavy and just don't mold to everything in her backpack. 

Who knew an ice pack could change your day? 


I stumbled on this DIY ice pack several years ago, and quite honestly it was probably on Pinterest. I just made another set of them before our Boston trip and I couldn't be happier. 

So I've decided to share with you! Sharing is caring after all. 

All you need is Blue Dawn Liquid SoapZiplock Bags and your freezer. 

1. Take your Blue Dawn Liquid Soap and pour it into the freezer bag until it is a little less than half way full. You don't want to over fill the initial bag. 

2. Seal your freezer bag really well. FYI - Using the freezer bags that zip with a slider work just as well. 

3. Take another freezer bag and double up on your plastic protection. Trust me on this. Dawn soap is great for cleaning and smelling fresh. It is not so great when massive amounts of it have busted and oozed everywhere. Double up people. 

4. Take your complete bags and place them in your freezer. Depending on your freezer these will take six hours or more to completely freeze. Ta-da! 

Like I said, we use them daily in Caleigh's feeding backpack. During the summer months we trade them out every six hours or so because of melting. They are very similar to the soft blue gel ice packs that you buy in the store, but they hold up better in my opinion. So much so, that I used my first batch of DIY ice packs daily for 3 years before making this set. The only repair made during that time was adding another Ziplock layer for leakage protection. 

Happy Freezing Folks! 

Do you have any ice pack tips or questions? Let me know in the comments! 


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