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Running Behind

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D Gray10 Comments

We are running behind on sleep, blogging, returning calls, emails, appointments, paperwork, etc. etc. etc., blah blah blah.....

Who knew that getting into the next room to get on the computer for 10 min. would be so hard! You know that timeless saying "a baby changes your life"? Well, they weren't even joking around! We love it though!

Caleigh is doing very well. Eating is going ok. She had a few days where she wasn't stooling enough and we were giving her glycerin suppositories to help the cause. Last night she got it all out and seems to be feeling better today. The MUD mixture seems to be doing its job. Caleigh's sleeping is still on the fritz, but overall she is getting enough sleep throughout a 24 hr period. Unfortunately, for us, it isn't all at the same time or all at night. She has developed a large anxiety about us putting her down for any reason. Therefore, we sleep sitting up holding her most of the time. We can't put her down.....she screams every time and all she wants is to be held. Eric and I take turns and there pretty much needs to be 2 people taking care of her at all times. I think we created this little monster in the NICU when we would hold her day after day. Thank God for the Baby Bjorn! She has also had a few more of her hyperventilating episodes since we have brought her home. It's the same thing she did during the car seat test, but now she does it during dressing changes, diaper changes and car rides. We plan on discussing her new found anxiety (which isn't really that new) with the neurologist at our next appointment. We have also applied for a developmental pediatrician and behavior analyst to start seeing her.

Is it bright out here? Or is it just me?

We have been trying to work things out with our home health care agency and it looks as though we have straightened them out for the time being. We will be the only ones doing her dressing changes and any sterile procedure needed. Eric has insisted on some supplies, that we were told, they didn't have and couldn't order. So miraculously, we have received the forbidden supplies. For the time being we plan on staying put with the current agency since they seem to be on the same page as we are.

We had a meeting with ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) which is the new therapy program that Caleigh qualifies for. It's for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy. It's a government program that all children with developmental delays and certain diagnosis qualify for until they are 3 yrs of age. They usually come out to your home 1-2 times a week. So we are looking forward to getting things started with them.

Caleigh has gained a whole pound since we brought her home. Yay! Packing on the pounds! She has really started drooling a lot this week and we are kinda thinking that she might start teething here soon. She is almost 5 mths old adjusted. So it's about time to start the teething train. I don't know how we will react to all the 'normal' baby stuff! Eric & I try to go for walks ,with Caleigh, when the weather is nice and she really seems to like the change of scenery. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate for lots of walks to come.

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