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6th Surgery, 3mths 4wks

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray8 Comments

Caleigh about an hour after surgery

Caleigh's surgery started at 8 o'clock this morning and ended at around 1 o'clock. The surgery was longer than expected. When they went in Caleigh's abdomen they found her intestines all 'balled' up and adhered with scar tissue. The surgeons proceeded to cut away scar tissue and undue the ball for 3hrs. Caleigh lost basically all of her blood during this portion of the surgery but they were pumping her with blood, platelets & other blood products the whole time so her vitals stayed good. When they finally cut away all the extra tissue they found her intestines to be in good shape. Not too narrow and a whole 94cm long! At last count Caleigh had 40cm so it had grown a lot since the last time the surgeons were in there. The bowel would need to be a diameter of 4cm across to be able to do the STEP procedure and hers is only 2cm across. So she didn't need the STEP procedure and they are thinking all of her problems were coming from small blockages due to the scar tissue. They revisited one of her previous connection sites as well and made it a bit bigger. They also wrapped her intestines in a 'rice paper' type of stuff that will try to help her intestines not stick together again. Caleigh got a new central line put in and the g-button. She also got the


because we found out with the PH test that she has severe reflux. Caleigh is still on the ventilator and so far doing really well. She has already started to swell so they are watching her closely to see if she needs to be on the oscillator vent which helps her lungs when she is swollen. She's on a cocktail of meds right now and they are giving her lots of fluids and some more platelets.

The surgeons were exhausted, sweating and worn out. We are so blessed to have the best surgeons possible for Caleigh. Their talent and caring won't go unnoticed by us.

I know I'm missing something but we just got home to take a nap, eat dinner and then head back up to the hospital.

The next few days are really going to be rough for Caleigh. Everything we need right now is prayers and lots of them. Thank you to everyone for the sweet words, thoughts, prayers and love for our family.

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