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Holidays in the NICU

Last day of the year

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray4 Comments

After writing my Wrapping up 2007 post I realized I haven't updated on Caleigh's progress in a few days. Caleigh's feeds are going well and she is up to 10ml and hour with 3/4 strength formula. Still on the continuous feeds and will be for a long time. She is still having the poopie diapers and we get so excited when she has one! A new development is that she has her days and nights mixed up. So as you can tell she is sleeping in all the pictures...... I've started going to the hospital around 1am to play with her and rock her to sleep but I think it's a losing battle. So things are moving along nicely.

Caleigh weighs 8 lbs 4 oz and she is 19.25 inches long.

She is in 0-3 months clothes now and looks huge compared to all the tiny babies in the NICU.

Daddy snuggling with Caleigh

We hope everyone has a safe & happy new year! Don't forget your blackeyed peas!



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Wrapping up 2007

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray2 Comments

Can you believe it? 2007 is about to be a distant memory and 2008 will be long gone before we know it. Why is that? When your younger time moves slowly and everyone tells you to enjoy it. Now that I'm older, there isn't a second taken for granted. What I would give to be 'bored' for an afternoon. 2007 will be a year our family will never forget and here's why:

Eric & I tried and got pregnant with our first child at the end of January

We went on a wonderful vacation to Florida & North Carolina in May

June, we returned home to find out that our unborn baby would be born with a birth defect, Gastroschisis

June & July we shopped, decorated, educated ourselves, met with doctors & specialists & waited

August 14th, after a routine doctors appointment we were sent to the hospital for bedrest and observation

August 15th, Eric & I welcomed our first born, Caleigh Amelia Gray at an early 28 weeks, 11 weeks to soon

August seems to be a blur.......surgeries, specialists, pumping breastmilk, trying to rationalize how unfair this all was

September came with another surgery, the meaning of patience is finally realized

November, our original due date came and went; we learned about PVL and how uncertain Caleigh's future could be, we educated ourselves

December, another surgery and now we wait.........

2007 was the most invigorating, exciting, scary, sad, emotional, physical & truly the best year of our lives, not to be forgotten.

We welcome 2008 with hope, new beginnings & eventually Caleigh's long awaited homecoming



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Merry Christmas!

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray4 Comments

We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas with their family & friends! The past few days have been some of the hardest days since Caleigh was born. We are sad that our baby girl isn't home for Christmas, but we know that the New Year will be filled with joy, love & a long awaited homecoming. Eric worked at the firestation today and I stayed at the hospital with Caleigh all day. Both of our families celebrated Christmas early so today was just a regular day ( & Jesus' Birthday of course) with a santa hat or two. I got to room in with Caleigh all day which was really nice. She actually slept through most of Christmas day because she is awake most of the night time now. I bet she was awake for about an hour the whole day! So I'm about to head back up to the hospital to entertain our wide eyed baby. The docs started her on another blood pressure med (this is the 3rd one) to see if it helps. Her kidney ultrasound came back great, nothing wrong. Tomorrow they are going to do a echo of Caleigh's heart to see if the high blood pressure is affecting her any and to see if there is anything going on with her heart that could be making her pressure be high. They seem to think that her liver function may be the culprit but they want to rule everything else out just in case. One nice thing is that on Caleigh's orders for today she wasn't allowed to have any blood work, no heal sticks & basically nothing 'mean' on Christmas Day.

Yesterday, for my birthday, all the nurses, doctors & staff sang happy birthday and Caleigh gave her mommy a birthday card. It was the best birthday present ever! Plus, I couldn't stop crying......even now I'm tearing up. What a wonderful thing for them to do.

Christmas Eve, while Caleigh's IV fluids were cycling off, we took her out in the unit for a stroll. Caleigh wore her Santa hat and stopped to visit everyone & to wish them a Merry Christmas.

Daddy strolling Caleigh down the hall



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Christmas Eve

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray5 Comments

I've been pretty delinquent in my blogging duties lately. It's crazy with the holidays on a normal year but throw a sick baby into the mess and you've got absolute madness! So here's a quick update on Caleigh......
She is still doing amazing on room air. No vents needed and hopefully never again needed. We still haven't got to feed her yet. The surgeons are being very cautious and waiting for her tummy secretions to slow down. So we have a very hungry baby that tries to suck a hole through her paci every chance she can! Maybe in a few days?
We do have a fairly new problem to deal with too. Caleigh has high blood pressure and it started about 3 weeks ago. They were hoping it would be a passing thing but it has stuck around. So she is on medicine for that and it's not really helping that much. We keep playing with the dosage and timing to see if we can get better results. This morning (Merry Christmas Eve) Caleigh is going to get a kidney ultrasound to see if there is anything wrong with her kidneys. Sometimes when babies have high blood pressure there may be a kidney problem. We pray that there isn't anything wrong with them. We really don't need something else to worry about!

Other than that everything else is ok. Caleigh is alert and has started grabbing at her rattles and toys. It's small grabs but she is doing an amazing job! We are so pleased with her progress and it really makes us feel great when she reaches another milestone. She watches us talk to her so intently too and I can't wait till she makes her first coo or gurgle at us!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Have a Blessed Day with family and friends.



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