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EEG Results and Waiting on the Weather

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D GrayComment

Caleigh's EEG results came back abnormal which is totally normal for her. Her brain will always show as abnormal and that puts her at high risk for seizures. There were no seizures that showed up on the EEG. This is great news. 

After talking to Caleigh's Neurologist, we have decided to watch her closely and wait on starting any new medication for seizures. There is so much going on with Caleigh's Short Bowel Syndrome, that we want to start as little as possible before going through with surgery in the next month or two. 

We are in a holding pattern due to the freezing weather and massive mountains of snow in the northeast. Caleigh's GI is working on getting all of the necessary records to Children's Hospital Pittsburgh and Boston Children's Hospital. 

And so we wait.

I have flung myself into a sort of nesting situation here at home. Drawers are being cleaned out everyday. We re-potted and split up house plants. I've gone through paperwork like a boss and I'm actually keeping up with laundry just in case. It's bizarre. It is truly winter. 

For now Caleigh is feeling much better. Her abdomen isn't hurting as much as it was. All of the tests made the pain worse. Now that we have stopped the procedures she is much more comfortable. Answered prayers for sure. 


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