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Caleigh gets to ride over to Cooks in her 'To Go' box

Today Caleigh went to Cooks twice. The first time was 11 am to start the contrast study. It took a long time but the radiologist let Eric and I stay in the room with her while they did the study. Things weren't moving very fast through her system so they set us back to Harris to wait and the docs did 2 x-rays while she was resting in her own bed. Then the radiologist called us back over to Cooks to do a 'live view' again. She couldn't really tell any differences so she sent us back to Harris so Caleigh could be in her own bed. They scheduled x-rays at 8pm, 2am & 6am this morning to watch things. They are basically watching the path that the contrast 'dye', which is water soluble, takes. We want to watch it go all the way out! During and after the study Caleigh was grunting and pushing like she was working on something. Very exciting! Eric and I left this evening in wait mode, but to our surprise when we called to check on her; the nurse told us that Caleigh had her first stool!!!!!!! We are so excited!!!! Caleigh isn't out of the woods yet and the docs still want to look for narrowings, but it's a start and after 6 wks of no poo we are jumping for joy. Hopefully there will be many more dirty diapers to come!

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