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Rhino Virus

5 days in

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D Gray8 Comments
We finally made it into our own room on Thursday night and it has helped us relax dramatically.

It takes 5 days for virus cultures to come back. So this morning we found out that Caleigh has the Rhino virus, aka the common cold. Which explains why she still needs oxygen and has a super snotty nose.Caleigh's oxygen is at an 8th liter, which is like a whiff of air, but she just won't let us take it off.So a cold.... No telling where she picked it up at with the mounds of doctors appointments and people coming to the house for various reasons.Just another reason a sick, premature baby shouldn't be out socializing.

No one has said for sure why Caleigh stopped breathing but I think we are leaning towards the cold. Seizures shouldn't affect breathing. So we definitely caught a cold so that we could find out about the seizures.

Overall, Caleigh seems to be doing really well. Of course there's the oxygen thing,and her belly looks good.We actually went up on her feeds to 6ml an hour.GI had stopped the MUD antibiotic mixture on Wed and then started a probiotic. We plan to take a week off the MUD and then start it up again.Blood pressure is now stable and her seizure med is slowly getting to where we want it.

We anticipate staying in the hospital until Tuesday or Wed. Hopefully this post turns out ok. It was typed with love from my Blackberry, otherwise known as my Crackberry.
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