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Little Hairy Dog Costume

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Little Hairy Dog Costume via Hacking Disabilities

Earlier this month I asked Caleigh what she wanted to be for Halloween. With her iPad and Proloquo2Go she typed out "little hairy dog." 

This was big news in our house because Caleigh has wanted a version of a fairy for the past three years. I have no clue where the idea came from, but I'm so glad she got creative. 

So it had to be hairy. Dalmatians, or any other random puppy wasn't going to work. I did a quick search online and found a lot of scary werewolf costumes and one cute werewolf costume from Pottery Barn. I ordered it pretty fast because Pottery Barn is known for their out of stock disappointments. I went online and ordered some brown tights and a brown t-shirt, created a bow and called it good. 

Little Hairy Dog Costume via Hacking Disabilities

She had the best time this Halloween. I updated the Halloween page on her iPad. She could tell everyone Happy Halloween, I'm a Little Hairy Dog, Trick or Treat, Thank you, I'm having fun, I'm bored. I also added sounds that a dog could make. Caleigh repeatedly said "Woof Woof" "Aaaaar" and "Aooooh" all night long and practiced heavily for days leading up to the big event.  I love adding sounds to her words and frankly she loves using them. 

Little Hairy Dog Costume via Hacking Disabilities

This was the most interactive year of trick or treating that Caleigh has ever had. Something about dressing up helped her break through the shyness. I love progress! 


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