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The Family That Stays Together Gets The Flu Together

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D. GrayComment

By Monday evening we knew Caleigh had tested positive for Flu B. It was too late for her to get any preventive antiviral medications. IV fluids, gut rest, tylenol and sleep got her through the worst of it.

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I had woken up that morning with a little tickle in my throat and I knew what was coming. It's not fun to know you're about to get the flu and there's nothing you can do about it. By the end of the day I was worried about who would care for, sit with and advocate for Caleigh when Eric and I were down.

Monday was the Boston Marathon, but it was also Patriot's Day... a state holiday. Nothing was open and even the pharmacies near us closed at 8pm. We planned on hitting up an urgent care the next morning. Out of nowhere I remembered Eric telling me about an online doctor service that our insurance does a few months ago. So from the bathroom of Caleigh's hospital room, at 9pm, we were taking turns getting a prescription for Tamiflu from a very nice doctor on our laptop. 

I went back to the family house late that night because I was feeling worse. Eric stayed with Caleigh and the next morning I was first in line at the CVS down the street. An hour after I made it to Caleigh's room I was in full blown flu mode and I definitely had more symptoms than Caleigh did. Eric held down the fort while feeling not so great himself. He's awesome in my book. The hospital brought in infection control, asked us not to leave Caleigh's room and set up food we could order through the cafeteria to be delivered to the room. They've brought us everything we could need and have been very nice. Again, what are the dang chances? This is crazy. 

Caleigh is feeling much better today. Even sitting in her wheelchair for an hour. She's lost two pounds with the flu, but the team isn't too worried at this point. Yesterday afternoon they started her on Pedialyte and by the evening had moved her up to a half strength version of her formula. We just turned on full strength formula on a continuous, 70ml drip, and by this evening we will try her normal rate and volume to see how it goes. So far she is tolerating it. She could potentially be discharged tomorrow or Friday. 

Eric and I are doing a little bit better today. We've all had a shower, cleaned up the room and watched a Tinkerbell movie in the process. Eric is going back to the house later today (wearing a mask) to get things packed up and ready to go. We have to be out of family housing tomorrow morning so we're looking at hotels in the area depending on when we leave the hospital. The flights out for Friday and Saturday are pretty full, but I think we will get one ok if we end up leaving then. 

I'm glad we're on the mend and that there seems to be a clearing in the future. We're all wishing to be home in our own beds very very soon. 

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