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The Miracle in Boston Housing

Raising the Rare ChildHolly D. Gray1 Comment

There's a peace that has come over me in the last week with the plans, packing and thoughts of surgery. Sure, I have moments of bad thoughts, freak outs and pressure, but overall I feel like this will be our next journey and the right path for Caleigh. 

The Miracle in Boston Housing via

There are a lot of possibilities. Who wouldn't have a racing mind? What if the narrowing is acting as a valve, slowing food down and keeping Caleigh's intestines functional? What if she requires continuous feeds after the surgery because it all runs through her? Or worse, what if she has to be on TPN for a long time after surgery because her intestines don't want to wake up and function well? All of these we have dealt with in the past. There's the option of tolerating feeds better than before, and being in less daily pain. That's the one that we are hoping for. Then there are the other possibilities that my mind can't wrap around or plan for because we've never experienced them. 

This is the letting go part. The timely reminder that we can't control or plan for everything. 

Late yesterday, I received a call from hospitality homes letting us know that they have a private one bedroom apartment for us. It's 3.2 miles from the hospital, a 15 minute drive, cheap uber or lyft ride, one hour walk or 30 minute train. I could even get out my running shoes and work on my 5K time.

The apartment is $250 a week with a one time cleaning fee of $150. This is beyond amazing. We're waiting to find out about parking because the apartment doesn't come with a space, but the option to park at the hospital for $10 a day is always there. Street parking, if you can find it, is two hours only. We'll work out that minor detail, but we are feeling relieved and comfortable knowing that we have a place to stay. 

Thank you to everyone that reached out to help us find housing. Thank you for calling your friends in Boston, offering so many suggestions and thinking about our family. Y'all are the best! Really, this will be one heck of a summer and we couldn't do it without your prayers and support.

Thank you for loving our family.  


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