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The Tooth Fairy & Taylor Swift

Holly D GrayComment

Today was a good Monday. It all started off last night with Eric pulling Caleigh's front tooth while she was swimming. Yes... In. The. Pool. People. 

Again, I don't do teeth so I wasn't in the vicinity of the action.

I'm told it went smoothly. I'll take Eric's word for it. 

Caleigh woke up this morning to three missing teeth and $2.00 cash. She was stoked. 

Polaroid Land Camera 440, Fuji FP-100c, tooth fairy and Taylor Swift 1989 via Caleigh's Corner 

What more could a seven year old girl want today? 

Ah yes, the new Taylor Swift album 1989. 

On our way to OT this afternoon we dropped by Target and bought the deluxe fancy schmancy version of the album and listened to the first three songs before we made it to our destination. The rest of the album was devoured on the way home and is now on repeat as I type. 

Caleigh let me play with my new Polaroid Land Camera this afternoon. I'm kinda in love with it. Shooting film makes me super happy. Caleigh's a great model, but getting an image that isn't blurry takes some major patience and several sheets of film. Dystonia just loves the camera. 

I'm off to eat dinner and Shake It Off...

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