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Three to get ready

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray4 Comments

Yesterday, I waited around, with Caleigh, ALL day again for the GI doctor. I was very aggravated that no one had showed up and was on the edge of requesting someone else. After all we were waiting on their decision to feed Caleigh three days ago! After numerous phone calls and paging the doctor she finally arrived at Caleigh's bedside. She apologized for keeping us waiting. I sat there and gave Dr. Hunt (GI Doc) Caleigh's history, what I thought was going on, and just about everything I could think of. She asked questions, we talked about formulas, reactions to everything so far and then she asked me if I was a nurse......

So Dr. Hunt started Caleigh on Neocate formula with Pectin added in to help with Caleigh's loose stools. She is getting 2ml an hour, full strength (2 teaspoons) continuous feed through her G-button. We are only going to raise the amount by 1ml every other day so that we don't push her too much. We also started Caleigh on an antibiotic, Flagyl, which is a probiotic. This should help get rid of any Bacterial Overgrowth that she may have. She also started Caleigh back on the Ursodiol, which is a medicine to help her liver function.

I feel like we made a lot of good decisions and hopefully this will be the time that things fall into place and start working.

I know, I know what a horrible mom not to post any pictures for two days in a row! Shame on me....maybe tomorrow!



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