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A tree for Caleigh

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray5 Comments

Yesterday Eric and I went out to our land to plant a tree for Caleigh. For those that didn't know, we are the proud owners of 20 acres in between Jacksboro and Bryson. It's absolutely beautiful up there and very quiet! This is our drive way that goes through the middle of the land.

Eric planting Caleigh's tree. Eric loves to garden and work in the yard, something he hasn't been able to do lately. This was a great break from the hospital.

I haven't been able to photograph much lately either (not counting our little one). So this was a great break for me as well. I love the light on the tree. Amazing, just like our sweet Caleigh.

So here it is.....Caleigh's first tree! We decided on a Chinkapin Oak.

It's a native Texas tree that is hardy enough to be left out in the country to fend for itself.

We wrapped the tree with rocks from the land and engraved Caleigh's name and the date we planted the tree.

Another photo moment for mommy!

Who knew weeds could be so fun!

And then of course we ended the day by going to visit Caleigh.

She is so alert and happy right now. She is watching daddy really close!

Back in bed and sleeping like a champ!

So the doctors gave Caleigh about 4 suppositories over a 24 hr period and not a single bowel movement yet. We aren't sure what to think and it really depends on the doctor or surgeon you talk to because they all have different methods and time lines that they think the baby should follow. So pretty much we are still waiting. I do know that we don't want to rush to feed her if she isn't ready so waiting seems to be the answer. The doc has switched to alternating the Cpap on for 4 hrs and off for 8 hrs. Caleigh loves the off time, but the on time gives her the chance to rest her lungs. She is doing amazing and her stats are wonderful while off the machine. Today Caleigh weighs 3lbs 10oz so we don't have any problems in the weight gaining department. Poo and feedings coming as soon as Caleigh is ready!

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