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A Tub, To Cooks, Daddy Look-A-Like

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray7 Comments

Caleigh's 1st tub bath!

We've never been able to give Caleigh a tub bath since she had the CVL in her chest. Now that her line is in her arm we were able to actually put her in the water. She wasn't pleased with the whole experience but I think she will like it eventually. It's amazing to experience these firsts that would have been taken for granted and long passed by if we weren't in our situation.

Caleigh went for another water soluble enema at Cooks yesterday. Everything looks about the same. A possible narrowing, slow motility in the small intestines, etc. etc. She was not happy about the situation and screamed the whole time. The plan is to start the new formula tonight or tomorrow.

Over the last couple of weeks Caleigh has really started reacting like a newborn baby should. No more sleepy baby. We get to the hospital at 7:30am every morning now because Caleigh wakes up at 8 o'clock crying and wanting to be held. We are on her schedule now and so it should be! As soon as we hold her she is happy and ready to play.

This morning Caleigh held her head up and looked around for 2 1/2 hours just as content as can be. She loves to stare into our eyes and watch our faces. It's just amazing to get that interaction after all this time.

And finally, by popular demand.........(drum role please).........

Tada! The daddy-daughter photograph!

Did I have anything to do with the making of this child ;-)



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