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Two Weeks Post Selective Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthening (SPML)

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Caleigh has been doing really well since our return home from Galveston last week. This Friday marks two weeks since the SPML surgery. We can already see an amazing difference in her tone at this point. It has relaxed her hamstrings and adductors extremely well. 

Two Weeks Post SPML via

The bruising is still pretty bad from the actual procedure, but seems to get better each day. The tiny incisions are really unnoticeable. Caleigh is still having quite a bit of pain and her need for Tylenol varies each day depending on how much she is doing. The past few days have been a little rough with leg muscle spasms. I would call them twitches of pain and they seem to be causing discomfort. 

We've now perfected our evening waterproofing routine. We start with the knee immobilizers turned upside down so that the narrow ankle end is actually on Caleigh's thighs. This is followed by two 4 gallon trash bags on each leg so that everything is protected in case of an accident. The bags are each tucked into the immobilizers so that we don't have to use any tape on her sensitive skin. It's a lot of work and I honestly can't imagine having to sleep that way. Caleigh is such a trooper. 

Sleep has been a major issue. Her comfort at night isn't ideal with the knee immobilizers. Caleigh wakes up several times a night as well as getting up super early. I'm used to her waking during the night for position changes or needing to use the restroom multiple times, but getting up at 4am doesn't fly around here. We're all feeling it.  

With less than great sleeping conditions and not feeling well, Caleigh's behavior and willingness to get back into her routine hasn't been stellar. Each day has been a tiny bit easier and we are hoping it continues to move in that direction. 


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