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What a face!

201 Days in the NICUHolly D Gray7 Comments

The first time without 'stuff' all over that beautiful face :-)

This is Caleigh and her favorite Respiratory Therapist, Velvet. Velvet just took the Sipap off of Caleigh's nose and man was she happy! The doctors are weaning Caleigh off of assistance by taking her off for 3 hrs at a time to train her muscles to breath on her own. She is doing great! She is much happier without it!

Look at asleep and breathing great on her own!

Sneaking a peek at mommy! Caleigh was more alert today than I have ever seen her. She was super happy to be off of the breathing machines. See that arm??....Caleigh was pushing herself and turning her head from the side to face down. Mommy had to 'rescue' her from moving the wrong way several times. Her muscles are really strong! Were so proud!

Please keep the prayers coming!

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